Large-Scale Data Management in Cloud Environments (ID13005)

DataStorm will focus on creating a critical mass of scientists and engineers for addressing the design, implementation and operation of the new wave of large-scale data-intensive software systems. These systems will collect and integrate data from heterogenous sources, public and proprietary, from which large and complex graphs can be derived. These graphs can then be mined for patterns, from which models, predictions and various forms of knowledge can then be inferred.

With DataStorm, INESC-ID intends to strengthen key partnerships and maintain its leadership at the national level on massive data analysis, becoming an European reference institution with demonstrated competencies for addressing the petabyte-scale challenges of the upcoming calls in international research programmes. A significant effort will be dedicated to dissemination activities, bringing new researchers to large-scale data management and analysis though the development of advanced training initiatives, including open summer schools and workshops, complementing graduate courses and direct participation in research activities through scholarships.

Acronym: DataStorm

Mário Jorge Costa Gaspar da Silva

From 01-Jul-2013

to 30-Jun-2016

Prime Contractor: INESC-ID (Other)

Financed by: FCT (Other)

Partnerships: AMA - Agência para a Modernização Administrativa (Other) -Portugal, Fundação para a Computação Cientifica Nacional (Other) -Portugal, Instituto de Biologia Experimental e Tecnnológica (Other) -Portugal, Instituto de Investigação Científica e Tropical (Other) -Portugal, Portugal Telecom (Company);

Members: Mário Jorge Costa Gaspar da Silva, Alberto Manuel Rodrigues da Silva, Alexandre Paulo Lourenço Francisco, Ana Teresa Correia de Freitas, André Ferreira Ferrão Couto e Vasconcelos, Arlindo Manuel Limede de Oliveira, Bruno Emanuel da Graça Martins, Cátia Raquel Jesus Vaz, Helena Isabel de Jesus Galhardas, Helena Sofia Andrade Nunes Pereira Pinto, João André Nogueira Custódio Carriço, José Luis Brinquete Borbinha, Luis Manuel Silveira Russo, Maria Inês Camarate de Campos Lynce de Faria, Paula Cristina Quaresma da Fonseca Carvalho, Paulo Gustavo Soares da Fonseca, Paulo Jorge Fernandes Carreira, Pável Pereira Calado, Sara Alexandra Cordeiro Madeira, Susana de Almeida Mendes Vinga Martins, Valéria Magalhães Pequeno, Gonçalo Fernandes Simões, Gonçalo José Branquinho Antunes, Hugo Miguel Álvaro Manguinhas, Ivo Miguel da Quinta Anastácio, José Eduardo de Mendonça Tomás Barateiro, Luis Miguel Gomes dos Santos Reis Leitão, André Valério Raposo Carreiro, Francisco Jorge Dias Oliveira Fernandes, Joana Maria Rosado da Silva Coelho, João Gonçalo Correia Vasconcelos Pinheiro ;

Knowledge Transfer in the area of Model Driven Engineering (II11033)

In the sequence of the extensive research of our group in the MDE and DSML areas, we intend in this project to transfer the results obtained recently in the Lab context to an industrial setup, in order to apply, extend and evaluate these results with real world business scenarios and real world users. In particular, we plan to extend and develop the following DSMLs (defined as UML Profiles): XIS-Mobile (a DSML for designing mobile applications in a platform independent way) and XIS-CMS (a DSML for designing web applications supported by CMS (Content Management Systems) also in a platform independent way). Additionally, some real world applications should be defined, produced and evaluated based on these technologies and according this MDE approach.

Acronym: TT-MDE-Mindbury

Alberto Manuel Rodrigues da Silva

From 05-Nov-2014

to 02-Nov-2016

Prime Contractor: INESC-ID (Other)

Financed by: Mindbury, Lda. (Company) -Portugal

Partnerships: INESC-ID (Other), Mindbury, Lda. (Company) -Portugal;

Members: Alberto Manuel Rodrigues da Silva;

Expressão e reconhecimento de ironia mos medias sociais multiculturais (II11002)

The research carried out by EXPRESS will allow the production of:

(i) A thorough and innovative study on the expression of irony in text, taking into consideration different dimensions, namely: syntax, semantics, discourse, pragmatic context,domain and language.

(ii) A set of validated linguistic resources, namely fine-grained annotated corpora in Portuguese and in English describing irony.

(iii) Automated methods for irony detection, namely machine learning models, sensitive to target, domain and language. We believe that this project will help understanding the aspects related to the expression and recognition of irony in social media, both in Portuguese and in English, and will advance the state of the art in irony detection, in particular, and in subjective language processing (e.g sentiment analysis and opinion mining tasks) in general.

Acronym: EXPRESS

Paula Cristina Quaresma da Fonseca Carvalho

From 01-Jul-2015

to 30-Jun-2016

Prime Contractor: INESC-ID (Other)

Financed by: FCT (Other)

Partnerships: INESC-ID (Other), University of Texas at Austin (UTA) (University) -U.S.A;

Members: Paula Cristina Quaresma da Fonseca Carvalho, Bruno Emanuel da Graça Martins, Sílvio Amir Alves Moreira, Mário Jorge Costa Gaspar da Silva;

ELIXIR-EXCELERATE: Fast-track ELIXIR Implementation and drive early user exploitation across the life-sciences (II11003)

Elixir has been awarded €19 millions from the EU to accelerate the implementation of Europe´s life-science data infrastructure over the next four years. From September 2015, “ELIXIR-EXCELERATE” will facilitate the integration of Europe´s bioinformatics resources, supporting all sectors of life-science R&D. It will deliver excellence to ELIXIR´s users by fast-tracking the development and deployment of essential data services.

EXCELERATE funding will help ELIXIR coordinate and extend national and international data resources to ensure the delivery of world-leading life-science data services. It will support a pan-European training programme, anchored in national infrastructures to increase bioinformatics capacity and competency. It will also provide efficiencies in management and operation throughout the infrastructure, which is distributed amongst 17 countries.


Mário Jorge Costa Gaspar da Silva

From 01-Sep-2015

to 31-Jul-2019

Prime Contractor: European Commission (Other)

Financed by: EU (Other)

Partnerships: Centre de Regulació Genòmica (Other), European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) (Other) - Heidelberg, Germany, Fundación Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Oncológicas Carlos III (Other), fundación de la comunidad Valenciana centro de investigacion (Other), INESC-ID (Other), STICHTING NATIONAAL LUCHT- EN RUIMTEVAARTLABORATORIUM (NLR) (Other) -Netherland, Tartu Ulikool (Other), The Chancellor, Masters and Scholars of the University of Cambridge United Kingdom (University) -England, The Genome Analysis Centre (Other), University of Manchester (University) - Manchester, UK, University of Oxford (University) - Oxford, England;

Members: Mário Jorge Costa Gaspar da Silva, Arlindo Manuel Limede de Oliveira, Ana Teresa Correia de Freitas, José Luis Brinquete Borbinha, Alberto Manuel Rodrigues da Silva, Helena Isabel de Jesus Galhardas, Helena Sofia Andrade Nunes Pereira Pinto, Bruno Emanuel da Graça Martins, Pável Pereira Calado, Sara Alexandra Cordeiro Madeira, Luis Manuel Silveira Russo, Alexandre Paulo Lourenço Francisco, Cátia Raquel Jesus Vaz, Gonçalo José Branquinho Antunes, José Manuel Nunes Salvador Tribolet, Paulo Jorge Fernandes Carreira;

Bioinformatics and Information Retrieval Data Structures Analysis and Design (II11006)

The overall goal of BIRDS is to establish a long term international network involving leading researchers in bioinformatics and information retrieval from four different continents, to strengthen the partnership though the exchange of knowledge and expertise, and to develop integrated approaches to improve current approaches in both fields. It will be implemented through staff exchanges, in addition to summer schools, workshops and conferences to facilitate knowledge sharing between members of partnership. We will also bring research results to market, thanks to cooperation with an innovative SME software development company based in Europe.

Acronym: BIRDS

Luis Manuel Silveira Russo

From 01-Jan-2016

to 31-Dec-2020

Financed by: European Commission (Other)

Partnerships: ENXENIO, S.L (Company), Helsinki University of Technology (University) - Helsinki , Finland, INESC-ID (Other), National University Corporation. Kyushu (University), Universidade da Coruna (University), Universidade de Concepcion (University), Universidade do Chile (University) - Santiago do Chile, Chile, University of Melbourne (University) - Melbourne, Australia;

Members: Luis Manuel Silveira Russo, Arlindo Manuel Limede de Oliveira, Ana Teresa Correia de Freitas, Alexandre Paulo Lourenço Francisco, Jorge dos Santos Oliveira;

Definition of a Corporate Risk Management Process (II11005)

Define a corporate risk management process for the INCM (the national mint and official printing office). The solution to provide will comprise the integration of other existing or to be designed risk management processes, as also the identification of the methods and techniques for those processes. A technological solution for a supporting Risk Register will also provided.

Acronym: INCM

José Luis Brinquete Borbinha

From 01-Jan-2016

to 31-Dec-2016

Prime Contractor: INESC-ID (Other)


Partnerships: INESC-ID (Other);

Members: José Luis Brinquete Borbinha, Ricardo João Correia Vieira;

GoLocal From monitoring global data streams to contextaware recommendations (II11004)

This ERI proposes to advance big data technology for supporting the development of new information businesses and services.

Our longterm vision aims at making big data economically useful, in applications such as tourism analytics, by realizing the full

potential of largescale data analysis technologies in the design of innovative services. An ecosystem of tools for big data, with

several cuttingedge technologies, will be released by the consortium.

Acronym: GoLocal

Pável Pereira Calado

From 01-Mar-2016

to 01-Mar-2020

Prime Contractor: Associação para a Inovação e Desenvolvimento da FCT (University) - Lisbon, Portugal

Financed by: FCT (Other)

Partnerships: Associação para a Inovação e Desenvolvimento da FCT (University) - Lisbon, Portugal, Carnegie Mellon University (University) - Pittsburgh, PA , USA, INESC-ID (Other), Instituto de Telecomunicações (IT) (Other) - Lisbon, Portugal, Portugal Telecom (Company), Priberam Informática (Company) -Portugal;

Members: Pável Pereira Calado, Alexandre Paulo Lourenço Francisco, Bruno Emanuel da Graça Martins;

A Ubiquitous Platform gathering Citizens with Public Services based on Dynamic and Data-driven Documents (II11007)

This project intends to achieve the following goals: design the dDocs platform according its System Requirements Specification; implement a preliminary version of a ready to use platform; research key challenges related to the e-Gov realm, namely interoperability, security and privacy; evaluate the results based on real or simulated scenarios.

Acronym: dDocs

Alberto Manuel Rodrigues da Silva

From 02-May-2016

to 05-Dec-2016

Prime Contractor: MDSS - META DOCUMENTS SYSTEMS, LDA (Company) -Portugal


Partnerships: INESC-ID (Other);

Members: Alberto Manuel Rodrigues da Silva;

Access to Digital Resources of European Heritage (II11008)

The Europeana DSI-2 project builds on and continues operation of the existing Europeana Digital Service Infrastructures (DSI) Core Service Platform (CSP) following on from the Europeana DSI action under CEF (CEF-TC-2014.2) 1. It will be the second project for the completion of Europeana/s strategy 2015-2020. It is in line with the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) Trans-European Telecommunications Network´s work program for 2015 (of 1/09/2015), delivering interoperability, connectivity and coordination for digital cultural heritage at a European level and providing efficient solutions for access and distribution of multilingual and multi-domain resources in digital European cultural heritage.

Acronym: DSI-2

José Luis Brinquete Borbinha

From 01-Jul-2016

to 31-Aug-2017

Prime Contractor: Stichting Europeana (Other) - Den Haag, Holanda

Financed by: *Wintrust (Company)

Partnerships: Freie Universität Berlin (University) -Germany, Michael Culture Association (Other) -Belgium, 2Culture Associates Ltd. (Company) -UK, Association des Cinémathèques Européennes (Other) -Belgium, Athena Research and Innovation Center in Information Communication and Knowledge Technologies (Other) -Greece, Deutsches Filminstitut (Other) -Germany, Stichting Europeana (Other) - Den Haag, Holanda;

Members: José Luis Brinquete Borbinha, Bruno Emanuel da Graça Martins, Pável Pereira Calado;