Research Focus

Enterprise architectures
Business process modeling
Requirements engineering
Model-driven engineering

Big data analyses
Information retrieval
Data profiling and cleaning
Information extraction

Ontology/knowledge engineering
Geographic information systems
Algorithms and complexity
Machine learning and data mining

The IDSS Lab aims at designing novel processes, techniques and technology for the analysis, design, development, integration, deployment, and operation of complex information systems, and focus to the advancement and exploration of synergies in related topics within the domain of computer science and engineering.

Recently Published Papers

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Rui Miguel Carrasqueiro Henriques and Claudia Antunes and Sara C. Madeira, A Structured View on Patern Mining-based Biclustering, Pattern Recognition, 48(12), pp. 3941-3958, Dec. 2015, Elsevier . [DOI link]

André Filipe Oliveira Pinto Ribeiro and Afonso Silva and Alberto Rodrigues da Silva, Data Modeling and Data Analytics: A Survey from a Big Data Perspective, Journal of Software Engineering and Applications, 8(12), pp. 617-634, Dec. 2015, Scientific Research Publishing. Article

André Carreiro and Pedro Miguel Torpes de Amaral and Susana Pinto and Pedro Tomás and Mamede de Carvalho and Sara C. Madeira, Prognostic Models based on Patient Snapshots and Time Windows: Predicting Disease Progression to Assisted Ventilation in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, Journal of Biomedical Informatics, 58(), pp. 133-144, Nov. 2015, Elsevier . Article [DOI link]

Naercio David Pedro Magaia and A. P. Francisco and Paulo Rogério Pereira and Miguel Correia, Betweenness centrality in Delay Tolerant Networks: A survey, Ad Hoc Networks, 33(), pp. 284-305, Oct. 2015, Elsevier. [DOI link]

André Carreiro and Alexandre de Mendonça and Mamede de Carvalho and Sara C. Madeira, Integrative biomarker discovery in neurodegenerative diseases, WIREs Systems Biology and Medicine, 7(6), pp. 357–379, Oct. 2015, Willey. Article [DOI link]

Current Projects

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Large-Scale Data Management in Cloud Environments (ID13005)

DataStorm will focus on creating a critical mass of scientists and engineers for addressing the design, implementation and operation of the new wave of large-scale data-intensive…

Knowledge Transfer in the area of Model Driven Engineering (II11033)

In the sequence of the extensive research of our group in the MDE and DSML areas, we intend in this project to transfer the results obtained…

Expressão e reconhecimento de ironia mos medias sociais multiculturais (II11002)

The research carried out by EXPRESS will allow the production of: (i) A thorough and innovative study on the expression of irony in text, taking into…

ELIXIR-EXCELERATE: Fast-track ELIXIR Implementation and drive early user exploitation across the life-sciences (II11003)

Elixir has been awarded €19 millions from the EU to accelerate the implementation of Europe´s life-science data infrastructure over the next four years. From September 2015,…

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